Data Management

Guidelines, procedures and automated processes for quick and secure access to available business data to enable data-driven decisions and enhanced efficiency in IT-dependent business workflows.


Your advantages with our data management services

Development to integration

Support from development through to integration

We accompany you holistically: from developing a suitable data strategy and selecting the appropriate technology for your use case, to testing by means of PoC and establishing an integrated, productive data management infrastructure with 24/7 support.

Fokus Anforderungen

Focus on requirements and setting

We select the appropriate setting consisting of the infrastructure, storage and data processing framework depending on the data volume to be processed, how up to date you need the data to be, and the complexity of the processing methods.

Delivering KPIs

Using the right methods to deliver KPIs

We focus on the technical requirements and the given restrictions and use suitable technologies to deliver your KPIs – in batches or in streams, on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Specialist expertise

Many years of know-how and specialist expertise

We integrate our many years of know-how, specialist expertise and skill sets in various sectors and technologies into our solutions and take a holistic approach to finding and implementing the solution.


Our solutions for data management

Data modelling services

Understand how data relate to and depend on each other, and create an overall semantic model by transforming the data into a holistic semantic model for knowledge-centric decision making.

The use of Big Data and Advanced Analytics enables reliable forecasts and a solid basis for decision-making. A customized data platform makes relationships transparent while increasing data security and compliance.

» Big data

Data quality management

Automated processes ensure you have correct, relevant, reliable and consistent data that decision-makers and data analysts can trust.

Data warehouse

High-performance, future-proof data warehouse solutions ensure users have consistent and permanent access to data in real time for as many queries as they need, forming the basis for state-of-the-art decision support systems.

» Data warehouse

Modernization and acceleration of data provision from any business application – to ensure data interoperability between different systems and the operation of data warehouse systems.

» Data integration


Technologies we work with

Our tech stack is broad because we are independent of partnerships with software vendors. This means we can always select the appropriate technologies that best align with your business needs.


Google BigQuery




Amazon AWS Athena

Microsoft Azure Data Factory


SQL Server Integration Services


Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle Database


Use Cases

Use cases for data management

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