Data Management

Data Integration

Modernization and acceleration of data provision from any business application – to ensure data interoperability between different systems and the operation of data warehouse systems.


Data integration in action


Data integration with Avantgarde Labs

01 Project planning

We familiarize ourselves with your business requirements and plan and develop the optimum data pipelines for you.

Architecture integration

We develop your data architecture and data models and ensure that new data sources integrate optimally into your system landscape.

Big data structure

We implement highly available, scalable and fully parallelized data integration processes, which give you a long-term solution, especially for processing large data volumes quickly and efficiently.

Software modernization

We develop an integration platform that suits your IT landscape and connects legacy systems to your current, scalable landscape.

Services we offer

Technologies we use

We use proven off-the-shelf solutions and implement them on various platforms to enable data exchange between different systems, such as:

Application areas

We offer customized data integration services for:

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What data integration with Avantgarde Labs means for you


Single source of truth

Benefit from a consistent, fail-safe database for reliable analysis and optimum evaluation of data.

Custom analysis

Better business decision-making

Use all relevant information and get a complete picture of current business performance in real time.

Delivering KPIs

Optimum data availability

Consistently, effectively integrated data enable up-to-the-minute analytics, multipurpose customer portals and detailed CRM data on all customer relationships.

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Optimum data quality

Improved data quality with reduced effort to make data available and usable.

What Avantgarde Labs Stand For

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