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Software modernization and refinement

Professional modernization of existing systems and applications preserves security, reduces maintenance costs, improves performance, and enables more innovation.


Software modernization in action


Software modernization with Avantgarde Labs

Modernization analysis

We analyse your existing systems. This technical analysis allows us to see which technological changes are feasible and sensible with a modern system landscape.

Modernization strategy

We design your modernization strategy, taking into account your specific requirements, your long-term modernization goals and your budget.

Modernization roadmap

We define the roadmap and the effort required for modernizing your applications – with goals, a time schedule and the specific results.

Software modernization

Our experienced project teams handle full modernization of your software and bring all the components involved up to date. 

Services we offer

Application areas

Our approach to modernization:

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What software modernization means for you


More flexibility through modernization

Run existing applications in new environments, take advantage of cloud scalability and benefit from the easy maintainability of applications.

Maintenance costs

Lower operating and maintenance costs

Reduce the maintenance costs for ageing systems and avoid the expenses of patching security gaps in solutions that are no longer supported. 

Software security

Better security through up-to-dateness

Up-to-date systems offer better security against attacks and downtimes because known security gaps are fixed and vendor support is available. 

Release cycles

Faster time to market

Up-to-date systems enable shorter release cycles and new working methods, allowing updates with new features to reach the market more quickly.

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