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Software architecture and selection of technology

A well-defined technical software architecture strategy enables reliable, secure and cost-effective use of new technology and customized software solutions.


Software architecture and selection of technology in practice


Software architecture and selection of technology with Avantgarde Labs

Architecture process analysis

At the start of the project, we analyse your existing processes, technologies and value creation chains

Architecture consulting
The next step is to discuss the current system landscape, the framework conditions and the potential for optimization and define the specific requirements for the final architecture.
Planned architecture

We clarify the appropriate architecture styles, interfaces, cloud services and long-term scenarios for the planned architecture.

Initial architecture concepts

We work with you to define the specific changes and priorities and to develop the initial concept which illustrates the future system landscape. 

Architecture integration

We integrate your new architecture solution into the existing system landscape and develop testing plans with documented test results for a transparent project process. 

Services we offer

Methods we use

We work with proven, state-of-the-art software architecture methods for comprehensive and meaningful analysis, planning and design in line with the best industry standards.  

Application areas

We help you create a state-of-the-art, future-proof platform that meets your requirements:

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What software architecture and selection of technology means for you

Flexible services

More flexibility for digital services

Your system landscape meets the latest standards and allows you to design new digital services using modern methods.

Future-proof security

Ideal future-proofness for requirements

Your software solutions are adapted to suit your business processes, and grow along with your future requirements.

Time to market

Faster time to market

The optimized system architecture enables a shorter time to market and a rapid response to new business requirements. 

Cost optimization

Cost optimization and operational efficiency

Optimized interfaces and systems reduce your development costs and maintenance workload and shorten the project time for meeting new requirements.

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