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OTX Ninja at FSD

Development of the OTX Ninja tool for automated creation of test procedures


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The Customer’s Challenge

FSD develops innovative testing technologies for vehicle inspections, vehicle diagnostics and safety inspections. To perform safety tests on vehicles, a separate test sequence must be created for each vehicle. There are differences in the test procedures across manufacturers and models. A test procedure indicates what must be tested on the respective vehicle to be able to classify the vehicle as being safe after the test.
Creating these test procedures was a manual process in the past. The existing template in XML was configured manually for the vehicle to be tested and linked to the available vehicle data, which took a great deal of time. The manual configuration was quite susceptible to errors when incorrect files were linked or when transferring data from different locations. Continuing the manual configuration became impossible, not only for time and cost reasons, but also due to the multitude of new models and suppliers on the market.

The Avantgarde Labs solution

The ODX Ninja developed by Avantgarde Labs had already enabled FSD to easily transform manufacturer vehicle description data from disparate source files into the required industry standard ODX format, resulting in a faster and error-free data processing workflow at FSD. Based on this ODX data for reading vehicle data, the OTX Ninja tool was developed to enable automated creation of test procedures.
The first joint step with FSD was to define the sequence of a configuration for creating a test procedure in order to map the internal workflow. Data for the requirements catalogue was collected via frontend click dummy. Developing the OTX tool created a schema in which the configuration of test procedures is done by field selection. By means of the linked fields, the corresponding ODX data of the vehicle is automatically imported into the OTX, which then generates a test procedure in XML.

Project results & customer benefits

With the OTX tool, FSD was once again able to automate a time-consuming and cost-intensive work step. The higher leveragability of existing tests or individual modules allowed creation of a faster and more standardized workflow for creating test procedures. In addition, with the uniform presentation of the data, a comparability of the test reports is given. The orderly data management and the organization of the data by the OTX tool are very positive side effects. FSD and Avantgarde Labs also collaborate in other projects to ensure constant innovative progress in the automotive industry.   See these projects as well: ZZ tool at FSD for allocation of manufacturer descriptions to FSD generic fault descriptions ODX Ninja at FSD – standardization of the entire data pool for vehicle diagnostics data
"Avantgarde Labs consistently ran with our ideas and implemented them so directly that the advantages could be used immediately at every stage of development. Avantgarde Labs had an outstanding grasp of how to proceed in a solution-oriented manner, and this was reflected in a very rapid and uncomplicated development process. As the customer, we were always involved at the right time and to the necessary extent, which meant that the realization was very efficient and the product met the requirements exactly."
• OTX Ninja at FSD
Matthias Kozinski
Section Head, Specifications Generation

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