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Enterprise Web Application Development

We are a full-stack provider of custom web app development, specializing in building high-performing, intuitive and secure web applications that support business processes and serve users.


Custom web applications for all types of businesses


Scope of our web software development services

We provide custom web application development services, starting with business analysis, UI/UX design, to front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

Technology Consulting

We evaluate your business needs and available technologies thoroughly to help you choose the most relevant web stack.

Discovery, Planning & Specification

We help you envision a web app that meets unique needs, translating vision into detailed requirements. Our PMs assess feasibility, provide rough cost and time estimates, considering architecture, design, and hosting options.

Web app development & QA

Our web development and quality assurance services include design and development, testing, and quality assurance. Our experts create intuitive navigation and appealing interfaces for your web app, while our developers are skilled in using a wide variety of web development tools.

Web Application Security

We take measures during development to ensure the web application is maintainable, and always provide you with the latest security updates. We protect your cross-organizational access to services from attacks by third parties and give you and your business partners a sense of security.

System Integration

We support you in seamlessly integrating your web app into your existing enterprise software infrastructure. Our experts use CI/CD pipelines to allow smooth deployment of new functional modules without impeding the work of your web app.

Support & maintenance

We ensure that your web app functions optimally and meets the needs of your business and users. We quickly troubleshoot any issues that arise, continuously optimize and enhance your web application adding new features as needed.

Web application development solutions by Avantgarde Labs

Our Tech-Stack as a web app development agency




Cloud Platforms


Architecture Types

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How can web applications help your business

user base growth

Accelerate user base growth

Reduce user acquisition costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increase conversions. This will bind users to your product as they will enjoy using it and recommend it to others.
digital channels

Unlock new digital channels

Customers can use digital channels that do not require separate installations but are directly available in every browser. This provides independence from the user’s operating system, as well as time- and location-independence in customer contact and a high reach among customers.
Kostensenkung Automatisierung

Reducing costs through automation

Web applications are more cost effective in development and long-term maintenance than native apps. Additionally, web applications are scalable, making them an ideal option for businesses that are expanding or expecting significant growth.
Fast Time To Market

Faster Time-to-Market

Web-based applications are platform-independent, which means they can be developed quickly and at a lower cost. They are also easy to update, ensuring that users always have access to the latest features and most current information. Additionally, they do not have to be published via an app store, which makes them more accessible to users.
Skalierbare Anwendungarchitektur

Scalable and secure app architecture

Microservice architectures enable the development of maintainable, loosely coupled, and independently scalable applications based on your business requirements. This enables quick adaptation to changes in the market while providing a high level of security and stability.

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